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Orders screen infinite scroll or discrete pages?

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When viewing orders in Commerce (v7.0), I have noticed that sometimes the page displays with infinite scroll, and other time it limits to to 20 items a page, with arrows to click between pages. The format seems to switch back and forth on its own, regardless of what computer or browser I'm using.

It may not seem like a big issue, but I have a client who is very annoyed by the duplicity, and much prefers the infinite scroll. It's making me look bad not being able to fix it. Does anyone know why this happens and what I might do about it?

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I much prefer the infinite scroll display too.  I'm hoping there is a way to turn off the paginated 20 items at a time display.

Specifically the problem for me is there are always far more than 20 unfulfilled orders.  The sorting in the paginated mode is from newest to oldest.  That is the exact opposite of the order in which I fill the orders, which I would assume would be that case for almost everyone.  There apparently is no way to reverse the sort order, like there is with the infinite scroll display, where you can click on the column headers.  You have to click forward through each page of open orders until you reach the end.  There is no "click to the end page" button.  Hence this "improvement" in the UI is a step backwards.   First do no harm when updating UI's.   Make sure you are feature complete before forcing it on users.

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Completely agree with you - I am appalled at the sudden change to the Commerce - Orders section of Squarespace. The visual changes are bad enough - whoever thought it was a good idea to reduce the type size and go for "pastel" colors is clearly not someone who actually uses the site for the purpose for which it was intended. The removal of the continuous scroll, and the new 20-orders-to-a-page version, is dreadful. In the past, I have been able to gather the orders I need to print in one PDF file. To give an example with the new version, yesterday I had to print 3 x pdfs for just 11 orders. To the designer (if he or she can be called that) of this new version, I would suggest they consider the fact that not all orders will be processed at the same time - ie most of us will be selling different items on the same site. Some will be in stock, others must wait. I really hope that someone high up at Squarespace is listening, and will revert to the far superior version we had before. Otherwise, I can see that orders are going to take longer, and be more frustrating to pull off the Squarespace site. It is very, very inefficient and far too rigid a system. Definitely a step backwards!

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14 minutes ago, AllinC said:

The removal of the continuous scroll, and the new 20-orders-to-a-page version, is dreadful.

Whilst the new pagination style has been well received by many it has created difficulties for some. The team are exploring different options to improve this. Squarespace employees don't routinely monitor this forum so in the meantime, if you are experiencing usability issues, it's a good idea to flag these through Customer Care so they can be passed on to the Commerce Team.

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