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How have you used Squarespace Scheduling?

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Squarespace Scheduling lets your clients book appointments or classes using the scheduling block or through a separate scheduling page on your site. Scheduling is a versatile tool if your business is appointment based (like a nail salon, tutoring, or fitness class), as it gives more autonomy to your clients when it comes to setting appointments with you, deciding which service to purchase, or seeing if their favorite professional is available.

How have you used Scheduling? Are you using it in a non-traditional way? We’d love to hear your stories! Let us know in the comments! 

If you are interested in learning more about Scheduling, register for a free Squarespace Scheduling 101 webinar or watch it on demand.

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I use Scheduling and the features really suit my business. I repair guitars, and can only handle a couple of appointments per day, and the system knows this.

I would like to know… if I move my website over to SqSp, is there some kind of package deal that might save me some money combining Scheduling and the site?

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I'm loving it! Been using it for years to book clients for my lash salon but now that I have so many bookings I want to know if its possible to change the email address used when I reschedule and book clients as it is my personal email and it shows up on their confirmation email and I don't want them to have that!!

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I recently switched from MassageBookto Acuity because it gets talked up as being a great price point and "so easy". It is easy, at it's most basic, but if you have a question this way of getting information sucks. Period. 

I have spent the past week just trying to make my memberships work. Super simple. Members purchase the ability to get billed monthly for the number of sessions each month. On Massagebook, the membership had a built in override (card on file) so they could book several months out on the calendar. I want my members to have this privilege as that is the whole point. Non members have to prepay - so does this mean membership in Acuity is really only about being able to have recurring billing? I have two locations served by two calendars, bu members can book at either place. 

I have sen three different emails, with replies from Squarespace regurgitating what is in the steps online. I have tried all of them, and now my original codes aren't working and my members can't book at all. I am literally in the middle of my business day of bodywork trying to fix this for my regular members.

How can I create a membership that bills monthly but can be booked out further than the month paid as recurring? How step by sstep can this happen, be fixed??

Also, is there an email where I can complain about Acuity experts?? I was referred to one listed with Acuity. She charged me $1000 and falsley stated she would do a complete set up but instead dragged out the help just like the Acuity support staff.

I regret this move and am seriously considering going elsewhere but that would really be a drag after all of this time and money for false hype about this product.

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I use it for everything since it integrates so well with Apple Calendar. I'm married to a SWAT officer whose schedule changes all the time so I have his calendar synced since I normally don't take appointments when he's got something going on, just in case (we're working on one car at the moment due to his truck being a massive gas expense). I also have a son still at home so his calendar is synced and then all mine are as well. I love the face that I can use it for the business and for personal. If I have someone that wants to meet for coffee I send them the secret personal scheduling link and we no longer have to play the 'when works for you' game.

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