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Afterpay/Stripe Payment went into "uncaptured"

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Hey guys,

This is the first time that happened to me. I usually don't have any problems getting orders via afterpay but I had a customer that didn't get any order confirmations from my website.

This is what happened

  1. Customer placed order via Afterpay
  2. Stripe marked it as "uncaptured" but the payment went through the customers side through Afterpay
  3. I had to go manually log into Stripe to "capture" the payment and have it marked "successful" on my end
  4. Squarespace nor Stripe did not notify me that there was a pending / uncaptured payment
    1. If the customer did not message me, I would not have known there was an order
  5. Even though the payment was "successful", Squarespace did not process the order and is not on my "order" list.

    Question: How can I prevent "uncaptured" payments happening? Lucky this is the first order and the customer message me, if they didn't then it would have been sitting in my Stripe account as "uncaptured" and the customer would been irate they didn't get their order!

    Also this is the first time that an order went "uncaptured" through stripe on my end. What is the cause? Can I get an email notification email from stripe or squarespace theres a pending payment to be captured?

    I have contacted stripe and they said: "Thanks for your patience. In this case, I kindly recommend you to get in touch with our friends at Squarespace, they have the right tools to take a deep look at their integrations, since payments are coming from their end and reaching your Stripe account, they can take a look at their integration and platform"

    In the FAQ
    It doesn't state anything if we "capture" the payment, what happens after? I have "captured" the payment through Stripe > Succeeded > The order did not process through Squarespace, thus myself nor the customer gets an order notification. It's awkward because I had to message the customer what they ordered.
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I have been experiencing the same issue with Afterpay. Here is the reply I received from Stripe...Waiting on Squarespace to respond to the Stripe email I forwarded them.

Hi Qiana,

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. Let me send you a recap of the conversation we just had.

I understand that you are having some issues with Afterpay payments being canceled some hours after they are done, so I was checking in your payment logs and it looks like your third party integration with Squarespace is using Auth and capture with those kind of payments.

This option allows you to authorize a payment, which places a temporary hold on the funds without actually capturing them -- you will have the option to capture the authorized funds (or any partial amount) anytime within seven days of creating the authorization. If the charge is not captured within this time, the authorization will be dropped and funds released.

If this is something that you’d like to explore further, you can find out more here:



While Stripe does support auth and capture, it looks like you’re creating payments with the help of Squarespace. Since they’ve built your integration with Stripe, they would be best suited to you figure out why they are canceling your authorizations and why they are even createing authorizations with auth and capture for payments created through their system. 

You can get in touch with Squarespace through their support page:
Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you in the meantime, I'll be happy to help you.

Kind regards,


On Jan 6, 9:49 PM, theclosetexperience@ymail.com wrote:

My customers are encountering issues when trying to use Afterpay. I am receiving calls that I am refunding/canceling orders but I am not seeing the orders show up in my Squarespace order tool. On the stripe back page I did find a section where several orders are showing refunded/canceled as not being captured...


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4 minutes ago, theclosetexperience said:

I have been experiencing the same issue with Afterpay. Here is the reply I received from Stripe...Waiting on Squarespace to respond to the Stripe email I forwarded them.


I have emailed Squarespace as well.

This is a HUGE HUGE HUGE problem, we are not getting notified they are in an authorisation / uncaptured stage either from Stripe or Squarespace!

Squarespace needs to automatically try capture these payments and have the orders go through!

I am not willing to check everyday if there's an uncaptured payment in Stripe. This is no way helpful to anyone!

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No luck with Squarespace getting the issue fixed... I have decided that I am moving my site to another platform; more than likely Shopify. Squarespace claim the user can't use an in-app browser like IG, TIK TOK, etc to use Afterpay. I found a Shopify boutique via IG and I clicked on the boutique picture it took me to the website via IG and I was able to check out using Afterpay with no issues. I received my email confirmations from Afterpay as well as the boutique I ordered from with my details... I truly believe it is a SQUARESPACE GLITCH that is causing the failed payments. I am over it!!!

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Happened to me again today

Customer paid via afterpay, went through her end but "uncaptured" and declined on the checkout on my end.

Then she paid via credit card.... only to notice her 1st payment went through... FML

Why is stripe or squarespace like this?

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