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Expanding into new marketing channels in 2022

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 When it comes to putting your brand in front of your audience, it’s easy to rely on the tried and true methods for marketing –a website, an ad campaign, maybe an email campaign and some social media posts. However, these methods are not enough in 2022, as most consumers have adopted new communication and social media channels, such as TikTok, affiliate marketing, influencers, and paid social media, among others. 

Here’s where multi-channel marketing comes in. Reaching your customers in the different channels they tend to gravitate towards helps you build a cohesive brand experience, interact with your customers, and find new leads. According to Business2Community, matching your customer’s journey and across multiple channels will go a long way towards realizing your sales goals. Some strategies you can try are:

  • Combining email campaigns with social media efforts
  • Content marketing
  • Partnership marketing (influencers or other brands)
  • Social media activations

The site Fool.com also has a great blueprint on how to diversify your marketing channels.  How have you used multi-channel marketing to boost your business? Share your tips and experiences with the community below!

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When it comes to expanding into new channels, I think it can be very helpful to evaluate your short and long term website / digital marketing goals. 

SEO and content strategy can be a long game, so if you are looking for leads or sales in the more immediate future, you may wan to invest your time and resources into paid ads, while you simultaneously work on growing your discoverability in search engines. 

Once you define your short and long term goals, it can help to do a digital marketing SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to prioritize your marketing efforts. 


How well do you rank in search engines? 

How expensive are paid ads in your industry? (can you acquire customers at a reasonable cost of conversion?)

Do you have a good social following on all / some channels? (Can you engage these channels. Does a certain type of content perform well? Would it be valuable to expand this type of content to different channels (ie tik tok) 

Is your conversion rate high? (if you increase your traffic, and maintain your conversion rate, could this be very profitable for you?) 

Is your traffic great but conversion rate low? (could you improve your UX / messaging and increase your conversion rate) 

Once you determine opportunities you'll be able to think about your audience and the kind of content that resonates with them and get more tactical with campaign planning. For example, deciding on messaging, CTAs, destination URLs and so on. 

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With all the different platforms, it can be overwhelming to bring together a multi-channel marketing strategy. But, overall, I have the below tips:

  • To get reach: Utilise LinkedIn and TikTok - these are the two platforms where people who don't follow you can see your content. This means there's very high organic reach - i.e., you can go from zero to hero very quickly if you get messaging right. I recently grew from 17 to ~180k followers on TikTok in 6 weeks, so have experienced this first hand!
  • To build a community: With reach, you must try to own the relationship with your audience. This is where you can utilise Squarespace's community feature or a platform link Circle.so. Facebook groups can work well, but usage of the platform is declining, so I recommend looking at how you can build a tight-knit community around your product/service. If you don't own the relationship (i.e. you have a direct connection with them), you are at the mercy of platforms like Facebook.
  • To generate leads: Content is king - particularly for your personal brand. If you want to build authority in your space, you need to communicate how you get results and why you're the right fit for your audience. Always look to provide value here, whether it be through SEO, social media marketing or in-person events!

Henry Purchase

Founder of SEOSpace - the SEO plugin for Squarespace.

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