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Marquee: How can I change the footer text color?



Hi there!

I am trying to change the text and heading color in the footer area.How can I do this without changing the text colors of the entire website?

Any help is greatly appreciated!Thanks!


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I use Marquee, and just now took a quick look at the page source (ctrl-U from the Chrome browser). The entire footer is wrapped in a div having the ID "footer". Thus, I am able to change my footer text color from white to yellow by adding the following CSS in the custom CSS editor:

#footer p {color: yellow;}

Try the above. It should work for regular text in the footer.

If you have RSS feed links in your footer, you should be able to color them using:

#footer a.social-rss {color: yellow;}

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footer p {color: yellow;} works fine, though it only changes the normal text, not the links and not the heading.

What do I have to change in the CSS to do that?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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I don't have time now to create a test page and be sure, but I can make a couple of likely suggestions. Headers are going to be wrapped in HTML tags like h1, h2, and so forth. If you do a View->Source on your web page and search in that for your footer text that is formatted as a heading, you should see those tags. Thus, you can colorize the text using:

#footer h1 {color: blue;}
#footer h2 {color: yellow;}

Similarly for links: they will likely be enclosed in the HTML A tag. Try the following:

#footer a {color: green};

Also, I went back and edited my original response to show the number sign that you need in front of the word "footer" in the CSS above. This forum software apparently uses the number sign as some sort of formatting character, and it had been silently lost from what I had originally posted. I reformatted my original post to show that character.

Edit: Post back and let me know if for some reason the above lines of CSS do not give the results you're after.

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