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Do you use Member Areas for freemium content?

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Paid newsletter subscriptions and premium gated content access are quickly rising as one of the best ways for bloggers, writers, artists, teachers, and entrepreneurs to sustain themselves as business owners. A successful business that relies on memberships usually does so because they already have an audience primed for their offerings. But, what if you don’t have an audience yet? Some creators use memberships and Member Areas as a way to offer freemium content and test the waters. Generally, freemium content is content that is offered for free to early adopters of your subscription membership. It takes time and effort to turn those free subscriptions into paid ones, but it’s not impossible to do! 

According to the service Memberful, a great first step is to be transparent with your members about your story and invite them to be partners with you in your journey to paid content. Other recommendations from Business Collective are: 

  • Offering special rates for founding members
  • Offer promo codes 
  • Avoid cognitive dissonance by putting a price tag on content that was already free
  • Still offer some free content that is different from content for paid subscribers

Do you offer freemium content? What are your tips for turning free subscriptions to paid subscribers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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So, we want a password-protected area on our site but we already charge a yearly member fee outside of the website and do not seek additional payment for accessing the page. Is the only way to accomplish having a password protected member page through purchasing a member area?  We are a nonprofit.

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1 hour ago, mjgave said:

We want a password-protected area on our site. Is the only way to accomplish having a password protected member page through purchasing a member area? 

If you want individual members to have their own username and password, you'll need to use Member Areas. However if you are happy to have a single shared password, you can set a page password instead.

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