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How do I add a border around text/block?


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I think I figured it out! Here's what I used:

#block-(your ID)

Go to www.beautydelamer.com to see what it looks like.

Edited by BeautydelaMer

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If you already know CSS, you just need to identify the ID of the block you want to edit. You'll need to look in your browser's developer module and inspect the element to find what name (usually "block-xxxxxxxxxxxx") has been assigned to that div. Then you can add CSS values for that ID in your custom CSS, but make sure you haven't broken something else by doing it.

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@jasonwindsor @BeautydelaMer

Hey I am very new to CSS and I want to do something similar I was wondering if you knew how? I too want a border around my headline font but, with no fill. Like the attached image. Do you know how to do this with a CSS code?alt text


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