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What am I missing? Website beginner here

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Site URL: http://www.kristenthompsonwellness.com

Hello! I’ve had my page for a year and have slowly worked on it, but I’m trying to figure out what all I’m missing. I know SEO and tags are a weak spot for me.

also, I have no idea how to actually look at the form submissions. 

Overall, the goal of my site is to make blog posts and later recipes gaining google ad revenue, and then taking on clients for my nutrition/fitness coaching.

Any and all tips, critiques, or ideas are much appreciated.


Thank you!

Kristen <3

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The form submissions come to you as email and if you set it up they will also record on google drive in a spread sheet. Here is a guide and video tutorial. 


SEO optimization is built into a square space site, but it still takes time for the web to find it when someone does an organic search, meaning by topic as opposed to the name of the business or domain. You can speed it up by putting your domain "out there" using social media, links on forums, that sort of thing. You can also speed it up by getting friends and family to go to the site. Hits generate more hits to your site. 

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If google drive was not set up, there is no way to go back and see it unless you recieved an email when the form was submitted, and the fields were filled out.  I use  the required toggle in order to get the sender's email address. You might want to consider adding a message field to your form as well. 

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