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Font scaling issue

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The font size for headings changes at the breakpoint set by the site width (plus padding). For example. If you have a site set to, say 1400px wide, within browser windows larger than that, the font size for headings will be smaller. This destroys composition and design balance.

On inspection, for browser widths less than the max width, headings are calculated like this: 

font-size: calc(2.16vw + 1rem);

And for browsers wider than the site's max width, headings are calculated like this:

font-size: calc(2.8rem);

Is this a bug? Has anyone else had this error? Surely the font size for browser windows wider than the break point should match the size of the largest calculation, pre break point.

I can override it with CSS, but that just doesn't seem right. 

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Yes it happens on every 7.1 site I have made. I contacted support about this. Although they were not particularly helpful, the issue seems to be fixed. I'll verify on Monday when I can test it on the 27inch mac in the office.

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