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Added Ezoic ads to my site - now forms won't work?

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On 11/19/2021 at 10:46 AM, TobyRBJ said:

Did you get a resolution for this? We also have Ezoic and just noticed that our forms are not working. 

Can you share link to page where you use form?

Email me if you have need any help (free, of course.). Answer within 24 hours. 
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Hello Tuanphan, 


We're still working on the issue. There's been a lot of back and forth between us, Squarespace, and Ezoic. 

Here's one of the pages with a form: http://www.realbachelorjobs.com/corrections

Squarespace said: 

"However it seems the issue appears when using your custom domain realbachelorjobs.com. I had a look and it appears that this domain is not correctly mapped to your site, and as a result this is causing issues with your form submissions.

You will want to ensure that this domain is correctly linked to your site to ensure the different elements of your site work as expected when using this domain

I sent that information to Ezoic. 

Ezoic said: 

From review, the Ezoic DNS appear to be correct.
It looks like the 'current data' field might be picking up the proxied IP addresses that come from Ezoic. If their technology is relying on an online request to the site to try to detect if the correct DNS are being entered correctly, they're not going to see the proper IPs returned when using a proxy like Ezoic.
These three articles usually help to better frame how the Ezoic setup works in conjunction with the current Host, and from experience when shared with Host support it can really help to clarify what might not be working correctly:

I sent that information to Squarespace. 

Squarespace Said

Hey again,

Thanks for getting back to us and sharing this information.

It appears Ezoic use a custom set up to connect your domain. It seems that this proxy service relies on them forwarding your domain to your Squarespace site.

While this will link your visitors to your site when using your domain, your domain is not actually connected securely to your Squarespace site hence the issues you're experiencing with your form.

You're welcome to use a service like this to manage your domain, however we're unable to support an advanced set up like this or guarantee that analytics or other services will work as expected while your domain is not correctly linked.

I'd recommend reaching out to Ezoic to query other options for your hosted ads, rather than using your DNS.

I sent that information to Ezoic

Ezoic Said

So it sounds as though Squarespace believe the issue is stemming from running through the Ezoic proxy. Unfortunately, nameserver or cloudflare integration are your only options through Access Now. [...]The reason it might be an issue with the Access Now program is that this program requires nameserver or Cloudflare integration. Outside of the Access Now program, you can integrate via Wordpress or JS - so Ezoic can work with Squarespace but not through the Access Now program yet.


We are no longer part of the "Access Now" program (our upgrade had been pending - but that is a whole different story.) However, I'm not sure whether integrating via JS is actually an option?

We're waiting to hear back from our new account manager but my takeaway thus far is that Squarespace & Ezoic aren't fully compatible - but I'd love to hear your take! 


We’ve since disconnected Ezoic from our site. We’re launching a major project and their support response time wasn’t providing us with confidence that it they’re be able to provide us with a solution in time.

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It seems complicated and beyond my ability. If they still can't help you, you'll probably need to hire someone to handle this.

Email me if you have need any help (free, of course.). Answer within 24 hours. 
Or send to forum message

How to: Setup Password & Share url Insert Custom CSS - Page Header - Upload Custom Font - Upload File - Find Block ID - Contact Customer Care

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Apologies for the late response, I missed these replies

Quick update - I was never able to resolve this.

Ezoic and I spent hours and hours trying to resolve it & I kept receiving conflicting info from their team which made things more confusing ...change this DNS, move your domain, add this code, change that back, you shouldn't have done that, do this instead, no go back to how it was

They tried to make out that Squarespace was the issue, even though it was their code causing the issue, and the issue resolved itself as soon as the code was removed. 

There final suggestion was to move my entire site over to word press because ezoic "doesn't work in squarespace". 

Why they didn't mention that when I first signed up, or at any point during the hours and hours of troubleshooting, I don't know.

I signed up for She Media instead and they are really friendly and did all of the set up for me. 

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Site URL: https://www.happinessandjoyce.com/


I am trying to set up Ezoic for my website, but for some reason I'm having trouble with getting my site to run through the Ezoic platform. I've asked them, and they said that "all caching must be disabled". I have no idea what that means or what I have to do for that, so does anybody have experience with setting up Ezoic but not getting any traffic through their platform? 

I know I have traffic, because my squarespace analytics say so and so does google analytics, but for some reason the Ezoic platform isn't picking up my traffic. According to them, I have 0 users and 0 pageviews, which is not true. They said they are still seeing non-Ezoic versions of my pages, so caching must be enabled somewhere. I already tried the "clear your browser's cache", but that didn't change anything. 


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Problem Statement - I faced the same issue and resolved it. I think the issue is that Ezoic is incompatible with Squarespace Forms. I have provided the reason below as per my understanding. The resolution is to switch to another email/forms service provider like Mailchimp. The price is almost the same as Squarespace Email Campaign service. But even after switching to Mailchimp, I faced the same problem if I used Squarespace native forms (with Mailchimp connected at the back end as the storage) or even using embeddable Mailchimp forms on Squarespace website pages. The reason is the same as I've mentioned below.
Root Cause - I think if there is data entered through a form on a Squarespace website page (whether it is Squarespace native forms with Mailchimp connected at the back end as storage or embeddable forms from Mailchimp on Squarespace website pages), probably Squarespace routes the entered data to Mailchimp email list via its own namespace servers which conflicts with Ezoic proxy (as the site in the Ezoic version is no more pointing to the Squarespace namespace servers). In my opinion that is the root cause of Ezoic and Squarespace Forms incompatibility. 
Resolution - I tried several options based on my knowledge and technical skills. Finally, I've got it to work by using separate Mailchimp form pages instead of using Squarespace native forms (with Mailchimp connected at the back end as the storage) or embeddable Mailchimp forms on Squarespace website pages. Moral of the story, the forms should not be embedded on a Squarespace url but redirected to a separate Mailchimp url.
I would request you to add this as a resolution in your knowledge base since I see it is a common problem many Squarespace users are facing and even Squarespace is not able to solve it.
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