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Error "Failed to bind to localhost/" during starting up local server



I already installed the Squarespace-server on my desktop (iMac Pro 2017) with this doc. 

Squarespace-server  --version 1.8.2

But when running squarespace-server https://yourdomain.squarespace.com or squarespace-server https://yourdomain.squarespace.com --auth, I got some errors like "Failed to bind to localhost/"

Right now, I fixed this issue with Squarespace Support team's help.

If anyone has some issues on Squarespace, please don't hesitate to ask support team. They are very kind.


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Actually, I think the error has to do with the Port you are using. Based on the logs you've provided, the local development server is unable to start because there's a process already bound to port 9000. To address this, you'll either need to identify and kill this existing process or use a different port. The first option is mostly outside the scope of our support, but the steps looks more or less like the following:

lsof -i :9000
kill -9 pid_returned_by_lsof

The second option requires appending the --port flag when starting the local development server. For example:

squarespace-server https://cyan-tarantula-6j7n.squarespace.com --auth --port=9001

I just hope this forum to help someone that encounter this problem like me.

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