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if I sign up for Basic Commerce plan, does hardware come with it?

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I have to agree with @sruss76. SS is not a merchant services company getting you set up with all the gear and such for running a brick and mortar store.

SS does have a relationship with Square to do some POS stuff. But you don't get the card reader just for signing up with SS. I'm not familiar with how getting the card reader goes but I suspect you need to contact Square directly for the card reader. I'm sure Squarespace customer support could give you more details on the process. Their online docs seem to be mum on that aspect of it all.

In my experience, not having anything to do with Squarespace.

Square has been pretty liberal with getting a basic card reader out to folks who are interested. I got a free one years ago just by asking. Not sure if that program is still up and running. But their paid versions were pretty inexpensive.

I assume it's kind of the old give them the razor and sell them the blades scenario. Square makes its money from the transaction fees. The hardware costs are inconsequential.

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10 hours ago, mamadiluca said:

if I sign up for Basic Commerce plan, does hardware come with it?

A free Squarespace Commerce iOS app is available, but no hardware is provided. You can purchase a card reader from Square to allow you to accept card payments.

This information will only be helpful if your in-person store is in the United States because Squarespace Point of Sale is not available elsewhere.

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