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How to justify paragraph text right and left



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The css property you're using is correct. the issue will be how you target the paragraphs you want to justify. if squarespace already has a text-align code put in for that piece of content (from a more specific rule) your css code won't apply without !important being added.

I'd question whether you want this effect for the whole site, many of the section blocks in summaries etc are way too small for this effect to be a good decision.

Anyway, if you want to do it for the whole site something like this added to your custom css will do it

p { text-align: justify !important }

I'd probably suggest that you try to target certain items more specifically. 

Dave Hart. Software/Technology Consultant living in London

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OK, you just need to find a way to target only the about page. One way to do this is to find the section id and use that in a CSS rule that you paste into your Custom CSS. The easiest way to find the section id is using the Squarespace ID Finder chrome extension.

For your about section the id is "60e3ad8978955f711e766495", so all you need to do is take the code from above and prefix it with a rule to target only this id. it looks like this

// justifies paragraphs in the "about" section
section[data-section-id="60e3ad8978955f711e766495"] p { 

add this to your custom CSS (in the main design menu). because this is a more specific rule than Squarespace's global text align rule you don't need !important here as I posted in my answer above.

As a footnote I would add that I don't think justifying text is a very "web" thing to do. it tends to be something you do to reinforce the idea/shape of columns of text. that said, I understand it's a client choice.

Dave Hart. Software/Technology Consultant living in London

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