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My sitemap was submitted to Google but "intentionally not indexed"

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Site URL: https://melissasilbercpa.ca


Hello!  I am hoping someone might be able to assist me.  I have had my page live for quite a while now and have submitted my sitemap to the Google search console - which returned a result of all of my pages being "Excluded" from the indexing.  

Using Google to try to troubleshoot I seem to be going around in circles and can't figure out why this is.  

Does anyone know how I can fix this?  Thanks in advance!!



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Hi Melissa – the coverage report in your screenshot looks like it's filtered to just show URLs in the sitemap, and the "last updated" date on the right is cut off. Can you switch the report to the "All known pages" option (click the arrow next to the words /sitemap.xml in your screenshot)?

It does look like Google is indexing your site successfully (pages show up in the search results for your business name).



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Thanks for the additional screenshots. It's frustrating when Google just seems to get stuck like this. The "Request Indexing" feature does not guarantee anything happening on any kind of immediate timeline.

One thing that I've found works sometimes to give Google a nudge is setting up some other Googleservice that references the URL that isn't getting indexed — in this case I'd suggest signing up for a Google My Business profile. Fill out the basic business info, make sure to include the website URL, and go through the steps to verify that you're the business owner. My guess is doing this will help nudge Google to accurately index the site and start showing the results in search.


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