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Blog good practices and advice?

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Site URL: https://kanal.squarespace.com/insight

We created a blog for our project where we want to give more in depth information with longreads, interviews etc. on design process and choices of the architecture etc. 
I have the impression that the navigation possibilities for 7.1. are very limited
I would think a navigation trough
Now the categories are shown above a post and when clicked visitors get an overview of other posts.
I find this a bit confusing and doubt many people will understand how this works and don't think that visitors will use it that way.

Plugins where a sidebar just shown with some subscription and extra info don't seem very useful either (we don't have the ambition to create a newsletter or anything).  The blog should function more as an overview of different information types to give the visitor more in depth insights in the project.

Did we maybe choose to use a blog or something it is not intended for?
Or should we use some code injection below every post
Not really a coder so all kind of useful code snippets are more than welcome.

All feedback on the site is appreciated.

kind regards

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Do you want to sort posts for visitors by category?  I do that with my blog using the archive function as well as drop down menus and summary blocks with the posts grouped by category. This took a bit of time, I used a second blog page with each post being a category of posts from blog one. Take a look and you shoul be able to see what I mean. 




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