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Newbie question: Are embed blocks and code blocks the same thing?

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I want to embed Spotify playlists/songs on a page. I read the Squarespace help page, which refers to an "embed block," but I don't see anything like that in the options. A "code block" is the terminology used in the  master list of advanced features that come with the business plan. Are these the same? 

Trying to decide if I need the business plan! Still in trial mode. Thanks!

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The embed block and code block are not the same.

From the embed block documentation.


Use Embed Blocks to add external content to your site with links to tweets, Facebook posts, and more.

It has two ways to embed. The first is by using a URL. If SS recognizes the URL it will work magic behind the scenes to set things up for you. If not then you can click the </> symbol to enter embed code generated the service directly.

The code block can handle embed code but also handles a wider set of needs. It can handle HTML, Javascript, Markdown, plain text, and display code as a source listing.

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