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Can you really not track link clicks and downloads without Google Analytics?

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Hi all - Sorry to master the obvious, but can anyone confirm for me that there's no way within Squarespace Analytics to track clickthroughs from text links or images?

I know you can track clicks on buttons and forms. I know you can create trackable links to/from ad platforms. But I just want to know how many clicks I get on a plain-old text link (and ideally, how many times a PDF is downloaded, but I know that's too much to ask).

I know Google Analytics is far better than Squarespace Analytics, but I'm just starting out and would really like to avoid being overwhelmed by GA if at all possible.

Many thanks for your help!


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Hi @colnick - that's correct, Squarespace Analytics doesn't offer that level of customization. Google Analytics is certainly the most popular way to achieve specific click tracking, in addition to setting up events and conversion goals. There are other analytics packages out there that you could look at too – like Fathom Analytics if you want a platform that is more privacy focused.

Msg me if you need help getting GA set up with event/click tracking. I'd be happy do a quick free consultation and get you a quote.



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(Paid) plugin also available

Indeed, Squarespace built-in analytics is kept pretty simple, intuitive and clean. Quite a lot of pro features still need Google Analytics set up 😕

If  want a quick solution that definitely works, check out Squarespace Click Traking Plugin. It's not free, but not too expensive if you're doing real online business. And definitely cheaper than hiring a freelancer for $100 per hour.

You can also use Google Tag Manager. Julian from measureschool has great youtube-tutorials you can just follow step-by-step. I'm also available for any custom Squarespace + Google Analytics tracking.

- Fenix

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