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Feedback for my site: Web design and art portfolio

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Site URL: https://www.leafsilver.com/


My name is Leaf, I'm an artist and designer working as a freelance website designer splitting time between Vermont and Chicago. I am interested in growing my client base and as a first step towards that, my website. I just attended Sophia Ojha's webinar on the Client on-boarding process, which was illuminating! I have a lot more to work on now :))

I just published an update to my personal website to include my freelance services as a way for clients to learn more, find my work and contact me. I'm still working on fleshing out client case studies for my portfolio but in the mean time would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions on my site's layout and information architecture from y'all. I'm very much still in the process of tweaking and It would be helpful to have some thoughts to guide my process going forward.




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couple bullets in the footer there could use some fixing. logo and font look real nice, not bubbly but just good... you know? also, i think the very bottom footer, has a slow fade-in on scroll.. maybe cut that in half. also, mine as well make it so the word "Leaf Silver" link back to your website too.

one more thing i just noticed, the contact page, when i click dropdown box, i get some gnarly scroll bars... maybe figure out how to use CSS scrollbar overlay to hide the bar?


i'm glad you are doing some cool stuff on the web. maybe add a "make payment" button or some logos with paypal that link to a place where you can get money.. should make it very very easy to make it so people can pay you.

man, those are some good colors. great palette!

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Hi @Leaf - the site looks great! Love the design work and overall aesthetic.

I'm no design expert, but as it looks like a new(ish) business (or at least a new web presence), it might be worth thinking about SEO and incorporating some more of the keywords folks in your target audience might be searching for.

Claiming a Google My Business profile might help increase your chances of ranking when someone searches your business name (unfortunately there are lots of competing jewelry-related results for "leaf silver"). You could also build our the Marketing > SEO title and description further so that the preview in Google Search is a better description of your services.

Good luck! I'm also based in Vermont – LMK if you're open to collaborating on projects – I like to keep a list of local design-talented folks that I can refer that kind of project too when it's outside my skillset 🙂


Blue Hills Digital
Support with website optimization and finding a digital marketing strategy that works.

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Nice website @Leaf! 🌟

Love the unique font, and how you used the ”leaf” to form three different icons. The colors are also superb.

The content and structure is straightforward.

I don’t have many improvements as I think the website is great. The only thing I would change is the font on the ”objects” page. Change to your main font, and your main color.

Good luck!

- Rasmus Myhrberg, Maker of Spark Plugin

Spark Plugin – Add 100+ designs to your site, without code

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Hi @Leaf

I see some problems from my end

#1.  Add this to Design > Custom CSS to fix it

/* 3. Connect text */
div#block-72c4275411e5360edde0 h3 {
    white-space: nowrap !important;


#2. Same text on iPad (If you need to fix, just comment, we will give the code)

#3. Same for Footer links 

Use this CSS

/* Footer projects text link */
div#block-b2f7f6c2a1ec7ec3c397 * {
    white-space: nowrap;


Email me if you have need any help (free, of course.). Answer within 24 hours.

How to: Setup password & share url - Insert Custom CSS - Page Header - Upload Custom Font - Upload File - Find Block ID - Contact Customer Care

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