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Feedback on my new Digital Marketing Website

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Very nice website @Barbora!

I think it looks professional - colors, margins and sizing are very good 🌟

In my opinion it don't require any more work. However, if you want to polish it the last per cent, here are two improvements you can make:

  1. Change the background overlay color to a darker one on block "My Services".
  2. Make the links smooth scroll instead of hard jump.

- Rasmus Myhrberg, Maker of Spark

Spark plugin – Get superpowers in Squarespace with 100+ presets

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Hey @Barbora

Thought I'd chime in with some thoughts, I hope that they help.

  • Really important is to update the images you have of your client sites. They're on the homepage and some, especially the first, are visibly cut off.
  • Use anchor links rather than loading the page each time someone clicks.
  • Additionally, if your site is a single page scroller, would it not make sense to make use of a sticky navigation?
  • Consider whether it makes sense to have as much detail about each client on your home page. Individual case studies or showcases may be better
  • Consider if you really want to have so many off-site links to linkedin etc
  • Having just one section with animations seems a bit off
  • Consider changing the font... It just feels very generic, even though it is a very nice one

Good luck!

Specialising in Squarespace CSS and customisation.

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