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What was the first step you took to make your business idea a reality?

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Starting a new business can be an exciting, yet scary, process –from coming up with the idea for your products to drawing up a business plan that works for you, creating your brand, and finally bringing your business to life. There’s no one size fits all method to starting a business, but there are certain steps you can take to prepare yourself to launch your big idea. Forbes recommends considering these questions:

  • Does your business idea solve a problem for you or someone else?
  • Have you researched your potential market? 
  • Do you have a defined audience?
  • Have you validated your idea? 

As an example, Squarespace customers Ergo Chic and Soul Cap considered their own needs and the needs of people around them to create businesses that solved existing gaps in the market. 

What was the first step you took to make your business idea a reality? What recommendations do you have for emerging entrepreneurs? Share your experiences and learnings in the comments below!


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Two complications where I see people get stuck:

  1. Planning their business too much (then realizing it takes too much effort to continue). Losing motivation.
  2. Having too high expectations. Losing motivation.

My advice: Start small

Start small with someting you love, as a complement to your current job or school. This way you will not have as high expectations, and view every small success as a win (= motivation).  

What I did:

I'm sure other peoples have other views to this which is great, but I started small and it worked perfectly for me. I started my first company when I was 18. Only earned $200 the first year, but as I continued growing I eventually dropped out of college to run my business full time.

Wish everyone good luck with their business ideas!🙌😊


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