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[Feedback] Lizi.com.au

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Site URL: https://www.lizi.com.au/

Site URL: https://www.lizi.com.au/

1. (Tablet-Homepage) Make image full size?


2. (Tablet-Homepage) Increase image size?


3. (Mobile Landscape-Homepage) change to 4 images/row?


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Nice colour palette, very pastelle

Few things IMO

  • Navigation headings to have a hover animation or change colour on hover, don't have it static
  • Instagram icon next to contact larger, possibly 2x or 2.5x
  • "get in touch" to lead to a separate page which has an online form, e-mail they can copy and paste, phone number, address, map etc whatever is relevant..... not a link to an e-mail client.
    • You did this in your 'bespoke jewellery' page on link 'contact liz' which leads to a separate page of your contact details. I would put an online enquiry form there, instead of just your e-mail. Remember, people are lazy, they want the easiest way possible to do something.
  • If possible, have close ups of your jewellery in "collections"
    • I'm looking at the statues more than the jewellery, to me they are dominating the jewellery.
    • Side opinion: if you want to show off your jewellery, the pastel statues with your jewellery blends too much, you wan't constrast. For example: have black or gun metal coloured statues which makes the jewllery pop more
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