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Member Area Hell: Need help

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The site I'm working on is:   www.marleyshouseofsport.com    Password:  accessgranted77

I'm just signed up for member areas and I'm really struggling to get my head around whether I can actually accomplish what I want to do with it or not. If it turns out it's impossible I'd love to even know that so I could then just stop paying squarespace the fee for it and find some other way.

Anyway, I have login activated in the header and you can test it by clicking "login" with the following details:

login:  thenakeddonkeysnutzpodcast@gmail.com

Password:  accessgranted77

Now my issues (if you have time to even answer one of these it would be very very helpful!)

Problem 1.  When you login using the "login" link it won't replace navigation and send the user to the members only home page like I want even when I enable this in settings.. instead it just stays on the main website. Now when you go in the "proper way" through the "sign in" button that all works fine. A solution is maybe with code there is somehow a way to hide the "login" link completely and then I could change the "sign in" button to "Login/Sign up". However if I do this I'm guessing it will also hide the "Account" link (which the login link turns into once logged in) and of course I need that. 

Problem 2:  When members create an account it just immediately creates one and lets them in but instead I'd like to remove their ability to create an account all together. I want to be the only one to manually approve those accounts before they are allowed to have one and be let in. 

Problem 3:  If you look in my "My betting" or "My results" pages in the member areas you'll see I've embedded a google sheets link in there so I can (hopefully) display individual results for each member I can then update daily offsite via my google account per user. This is a huge problem I have no idea how can possibly be solved because I can't for the life of me see anyway I can make these individualised accounts editable specifically by me in a way that they are personalised to each account holder.  I have ten potential members currently and my idea was to create their personalised results in google sheets and embed them into these pages. But how can I do that if I can't manage or edit their accounts individually? Whatever I change in the member areas pages effects EVERY member in exactly the same way. The way it appears to work outside of actual store sales makes the whole idea of a member login area a bit redundant, especially for what I need to accomplish.

Problem 4:

When members log in I'd like them to have discount points which accumulate and the balance if which needs to accumulate near the "account" link on the top right once they login. I can manually update these numbers for each account for now but they need to be there somehow. Again I'm back to the issue of not being able to edit each new member's account individually. 


Anyway I know all that was a mouthful but the crux of what I want to know is should I completely give up on ever accomplishing any of this using squarespaces member areas? Is that system just too simplistic to be able to store individual embedding or information that needs to be updated daily? If so what do you think is the way to move forward toward this goal? Do I need to maybe hire a coder? If it's the template that's standing in my way and I have to just start the entire site over again or save up and pay someone who can do all this for me I'd rather know that now then waste months trying to figure it out on my own. I'd love to understand even on a basic level how web builders accomplish such things. About all I have is a basic understanding of html code which ends up translating into mostly copying and pasting the code of others and tweaking it to my needs. 

Thank you so much again for even reading this. Definitely don't expect you to even try to solve these many issues for me but if you could point me in the right direction or explain anything I would be very VERY grateful.




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Did you ever solve problem number 1 - hiding the login from the main navigation? I ask because I have a site where I don’t want the login available for everyone, just to a specific set of pages. If I could get it off the main navigation, my problem would be solved! Any help on what you did would be greatly appreciated!!

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