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Changing margin on specific text in text blocks



Site URL: https://www.birdmafia.com/stockists

Been working on updating the info on this page, and now I need to fix the layout as it looks terrible...

All, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to change this page (https://www.birdmafia.com/stockists) so that there is no margin between the store name (text link) and the city name below it. Inspecting through google it looks like there is top and bottom margin on the <p> tags which I wouldn’t need (except for the bold state names, but I could just leave another empty line there.)

Anybody interested in helping me understand what custom code to put on page?

Would it just be:

p { margin: 0em }

Or is there something better so it wouldn’t effect the bold titles?


I posted this question to the squarespace reddit.... the only response I've received is to change margin you need to use the text-block id.  Is that the only way? I do have a Chrome extension to get the id's of the blocks if that's all I can do, but I'd need to make each entry on this webpage it's own text block to accomplish what I'm looking for.  I'm hoping I can add code just for the Non-Bold and Non-links text of this page.

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I think you can do this without CSS. I assume you are looking to go from...






Simply use shift return or enter instead of return/enter when you want to go to the next line in the text editor.

Please see Fixing text formatting - Fix line spacing.

Let us know how it goes.

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