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cart background color doesn't change



Site URL: https://www.katanchevskaya.com/cart

Hi, this was probably answered many times but still doesn't work for me.


I am trying to change the cart page background color to white but it keeps my website background.  Works fine with modifying other pages. 

Using the code in custom css :

body#cart {
  background-color: #ffffff !important}


Doesn't work. Any suggestions please? 


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22 hours ago, Kat111 said:

Yes, still not getting it. So I have this image as background for my home page. How do I remove it from the cart page and change it to white?

Add to Design > Custom CSS

/* cart page white background */
body#cart {
    background-image: none !important;


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It appears you have a syntax error somewhere in your site CSS.


Normally the number of lines in site CSS should be up in the 30,000ish plus! The error line is as follows.

Line Statement --------------- In 'site custom less': 1 <style> ^ SyntaxError INCOMPLETE_PARSE Unable to complete parse.

It appears you have entered a style tag somewhere SS doesn't like. Custom CSS should not have any style tags in it. Not sure if that is where the issue is but it's easy to check. If it's not there then you'll have to dig around for it.

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hey, so I just deleted everything I had in css, rewrote it carefully and added 

body#cart {background-image: none !important; background-color: #ffffff }

and it worked

I guess I overcomplicated the code somewhere.  Thank you both for your tips!

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