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Feedback on my website: illustrator and graphic designer

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Hi Rachel,

Your illustrations are wonderful and the website has so much to offer!
Have you thought about:

  • Linking the books you have on your homepage so it's easier for the viewer to check them out.
  • Since there is a lot of content on the homepage, maybe duplicating the top menu ( Portfolio, Kids....) on the bottom as well.
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As a graphic designer myself,

  • In your section: "Folks I have worked with", I would just have the logos. Even if the logos are not well known to the reader, it gives a clear snapshot on the companies/people you worked with. TBH, I can't be bothered reading that wall of text of companies, unless im really bored.
  • Have your instagram and facebook icons in the footer on the left, it seems quite alone and far off from your content on your page. If you align it left, it will align with your page content
  • Under your logo: "Creative | Illustration | Design", replace the words, it's a given you're creative, work as a illustrator and in design. These are common words used by all designers at some point in their career to justify their work, people already know you're creative. Encapsulate who you are as a designer, for example from what I see: you can change it to: "Contemporary | Unafraid | Whimsical"

Overall its clear and clean. Love your work too, fun, nice to look at and clear.

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Hi Rachel!

I love your logo and color palette! 

One thing I noticed is that I get an error when clicking on your Instagram icons. It seems that the URL currently begins with "ihttps//" whereas it should be "https://" ahead of the "www."

You can update the URL link from Settings > Social Links. 

See our Adding social links steps for more details!

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Posted (edited)

I like your website visited there and every thing is looking well organized proper professional content also on you site so hopefully you will get more positive reviews in coming days.

Edited by foulk783
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