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I would love your critiques.

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Top Posters In This Topic

You are a gifted artist.

In regards to your site:

The website header size on some pages is a bit frustrating to me. For example, the header on the Louisiana Art page could be a selling point for you if you revealed a bit more of the painting. My sense is that "framing" a header is similar to framing a photo or painting, in that there should be a focal point. So, the glimpse you display is a bit disconcerting. That photo seems more of a placeholder than a means to tell your story.

Have you considered using other categories, such as portraits, still life and nature or New-Orleans-inspired, then adding sub-categories original and gilded art? If it were my site, I would want to grant the visitor immediate access to his product of interest, say portraits.

I would also provide photos of your winning books or illustrations and your paintings of noteworthy individuals, then describe them as such. Many of us love art and appreciate the demands of the craft, but all of us tend to fall victim to the celebrity effect. It's the age of influencers.

In my opinion, if you think of your site as a canvass to illustrate your story as a fine artist, just as you illustrate a book, your offering will come to life.

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