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Why does the API call for 'Retrieve a specific order' not provide the id of the customer?



Site URL: https://lolamack.com.au

When making a call to https://api.squarespace.com/1.0/commerce/orders/{id} to retrieve details on a specific order, a significant amount of information about the customer is returned. Almost every aspect of the profile is returned, except for what I would have thought would be the most common requirement - the id of the customer who placed the order!

This forces a second call using the 'Retrieve all profiles' endpoint to get the customer id, using the email address to search.  

Is there a reason why the customer (profile) id is not returned in the 'Retrieve a specific order' call, or is this something that the SQSP team could look to address?


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Hello @TopDoris,

Thanks for posting your question!

Currently the Orders API does not return the customer ID and this is an intended behavior. Since we're unable to offer this functionality currently, what I can do is submit this as a feature request to our Product and Development teams. 

Although we can't guarantee feature implementations, all requests are reviewed and we always appreciate the feedback.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

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Hi @AlexD, thanks for the quick response. 

Can you advise why not returning the customer ID is an intended behaviour, so that myself and other devs can better understand the likelihood of this feature being implemented at some point?


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Hello @TopDoris,

Thanks for your response!

I would not be able to provide additional information in regards to the reason why the API was designed that way, however I can see the benefit of having a customer ID returned. I also confirm that I have submitted a feature request on your behalf. Our products continuously evolve thanks to our customers feedback, so I do appreciate your input!

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