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Well.... I ranted long and hard yesterday about how Squarespace manage images - since you can't duplicate a gallery, you can't select more than one image from the internal system to add to a new gallery (yes you can select multiple images to upload from your OS, but, if the images have already been uploaded, you can only select one at a time! - Madness!) and also you can't sort the images by criteria such as date photo taken etc. I'm amazed not only at these oversights - but also.... how long has Squarespace been going? - How many iterations of their interface have we worked through?... we're on 7.1 or something currently... why is it that this hasn't been addressed as the no. 1 need!? - Isn't Squarespace supposed to be for creative professional users?


Anyway, so here's my new rant... it has to be a rant rather than a question coz there's no one I've seen in any forum that has been able to assist so far with these serious oversights in system design:

I used a few logo images and a few small graphic icons... a couple of specific pictures that were formatted for a specific part of my site that I was building. I used them... it was great thanks.

Then I added over 1000 images for multiple galleries.... I experienced all the issues above (in rant no 1!) - but I got them up and running. It hurt me.

Today I decided to add one of those icon images to a new page on the site - so I went to 'my library' and then 'search'. Now, silly me, I had the images labelled by their generic camera filename... so DSC00045 etc.... so obviously, I didn't have a note of what these specific images are called, so I thought I'd browse for them... well that's a mistake! - Not only do you get a small box of image that only load a few at a time, but, because of the problem with being unable to select multiple shots, I had re-imported the 1000 odd gallery all over again.... so now I've got over 2000 images to slowly scroll through looking for one shot.

I've learned my lesson - so this won't happen again... but I had to do it the hard way!

Why don't Squarespace have a full screen image library with folders and search fields etc? - I could keep logos and mast heads, banners in a specific place, and not have to trawl through literally thousands of shots from my gallery page to find one shot!

My shots are all up on the site, all jumbled together and only viewable through a slow loading window.... and then, you can only access one at a time should you wish to use it. This is nonsense! - When is 7.2 coming? Or 8.0 or whatever..... and will it address this arcane and clumsy practice?

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 12.01.15.png

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Hi, I'm scared now... I'm a newbie here.

So, now I'm guessing there is no way to upload folders of photos into the assets management area? I can't seem to load them zipped as a file, and I don't know if there's any way to FTP them... and can't seem to as a folder either.

There are 18 folders with dozens and dozens of photos in each, and subfolders too. UGH.

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@spiketrain, I have a client that's having a similar concern. 

They have roughly 100-200 photos that they manage within a gallery, and they want to keep the most recently uploaded photo to be sorted at the beginning of the website gallery (instead of the bottom as it is now). It doesn't look like a way to override the sorting function.

To make things worse, in the editor, the "click and drag" option is one at a time, so it takes them ages to drag the images up to the top. 

If anyone has clues, it'd be much appreciated! 


(My client showing the issue:https://www.loom.com/share/4cb8c58c2ee4468388b39e82ce221931?sid=5e005883-0a16-486a-859f-9442b2d1c225)


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