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What are your favorite SEO copywriting tips?

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SEO is all about doing what you can to ensure your content is a top result in searches for relevant keywords. Solid SEO copy helps your intended audience find  your site in the first place, pulling in those most likely to engage with your content and convert from visitors into customers. Working on your SEO copywriting is a great way to ensure your site ends up in front of the people who need or want it the most.

Ultimately, you want to create content that is useful to your customers. An easy way to get started is by researching what customers are asking you specifically (via your customer service or socials) or what people are asking Google about your keywords. You can do this by searching a related keyword and looking at the ‘People also ask’ box.

Once you know what information would be most useful, take the time to outline your content. This will help you keep your writing focused and avoid losing your readers through superfluous tangents. Consider using questions as headers where you can, to enforce the idea that you are providing answers. 


What have you found most impactful when tackling SEO copywriting? Share your favorite tips in the comments below!


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Posted (edited)

1) Use headings to help google understand and prioritize your content and to help improve usability for website visitors. 

2) Don't create spammy copy for the sake of SEO. Also, don't get so caught up in clever copy that you miss out on SEO. Strive to create content that considers SEO and brand voice. 

3) Write as you naturally would. Yes, add headings and keywords, but do so in a way that it would happen organically. 

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On 5/26/2021 at 4:57 PM, Jo_SQSP said:

SEO is all about doing what you can to ensure your content is a top result in searches for relevant keywords.

It's not always true it's keywords only a part of incite optimization of the site, you can not get to a top result with using only keywords research.

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–SEO has changed and evolved over its existence for more than 20 years now–and I can't emphasize how complicated it is. This is the main reason we couldn't expect one person alone to take hold of our copy and SEO all at once–an individual can only master so much. This is why the most logical step for us was hiring an expert B2B SEO Consultant and then sourcing out a terrific writer. That's it, thats the tip. Getting two amazing people that will work hand in hand that will adhere to the voice of your brand–that's what you need. 

If you're asking tips as a copywriter, that's exactly what you need too: expert SEO advice and analysis of the website you're writing copy for. As a writer, it's your duty to make the technical stuff work with the content–which is a generic way of saying that you absolutely need to write kickass content that'll get people to click your link.

It's a two-sided coin. No matter how good your SEO is, if your content is awful people are going to click away. Likewise, even if you make absolutely helpful information, if it's not optimised for SERPs–no ones going to receive value from the things you're putting out.

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On 6/17/2021 at 8:59 AM, ednaw said:

SEO has changed and evolved

SEO not just changed It's changing every update in search and it's not posseble even to speak about TIPS with out specific research.  keawords just a little part of SEO 

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Confused about SEO? Here you go:
- is your site fast? 
- is your site easy to navigate? 
- does your site have valuable content? 
- do you have something for visitors to engage with on your website? 
- is it updated frequently? 
- is your site mentioned on other sites? 

Go rank.

SEO does not need to be overwhelming or frustrating or even technical. Try not to get trapped in the algorithms and updates etc., I go over how to rank first page of Google without any SEO experience here: https://yolevski.com/products/seo-ebook

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