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Feedback on a higher education consultant website

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Good job @Rainmaker (hehe, nice name)! Especially for being your first website! I like that it feels so "light".

A few improvements:

  1. Definitely agree with adding a short video introduction, good idea.
  2. The fonts and font sizes are good I think. However, would be nice if the "KEYNOTE SPEAKER - ONLINE EDUCATION..." at the bottom had smaller spacing (more normal spacing). It would increase readability.
  3. It would be nice to have another photo. Maybe if you add the video, you can use the photo of you a bit further down in the text.

Good luck with your consulting business!😊


- Rasmus Myhrberg, Maker of Spark

Spark plugin – Get superpowers in Squarespace with 100+ presets

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  • Susana_SQSP changed the title to Feedback on a higher education consultant website
  • 2 months later...

Agree with the first reply to you on adding a video and additional photos.  Also the spacing of the text above the form.  I use a 1920x screen resolution, which can make text hard to read, but the font size and readability is great at 100% zoom in Firefox.  Well done.

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