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Would love Feedback on our site

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@nw7063 Love your website and product! Looks great😃 Also images, colors and logo looks very professional.


Here are a few (small) things to improve:

  1. The overall sizing of the fonts is a bit too big. I would reduce it.
  2. The nav falls into two lines (see below above). A solution is to remove "Home" from the navigation, as I don't think it is needed anyways.
  3. Don't use very wide text blocks like the text "At Soul Fruit healthy snacking is...". Put a spacer on each side instead. TO increase readability.
  4. On Our Story "WE’RE NAT & DAN..." on this block, use bigger margins (height) and it will look better.. Right now the margin is too narrow.

I wish you the very best with your project!👍

- Rasmus Myhrberg, Maker of Spark

Spark plugin – Get superpowers in Squarespace with 100+ presets

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Hi there! Your site looks awesome!

I would have to agree with @Spark_plugin about the font size. In addition, I suggest that you also look for other fonts for the body to differentiate the heading and other texts, preferably sans serif typefaces would be nice.

Other than that, it looks nice!

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