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Feedback: Geological Database Mangement

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Your website looks aesthetically pleasing. The elements work together in harmony. I love it!

I only have to note the menus on the top ("tools," "our team," "contact us"). When I clicked it, I thought it would bring me to that specific section in the same page. But as it turns out, it redirected me to a new page with the same contents as the ones in the home page. I just don't see the purpose of the additional page if its contents can be viewed on the homepage itself. Those are just my two cents.

Anyway, it looks good! Hoping that you would continue to improve on it.

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@Denise_Earth_SQL Your website looks great for the most part!

Here are a few things you can improve:

  1. The hero image (start image) looks a bit weird to me. It is like you are showing two logos. What you can do: Remove the logo from the image, and use the image as a large background instead, where you put the "Expert database management..." - content on top.
  2. Remove "HOME" button from the navigation. It will only confuse.

Good luck 🙂

- Rasmus Myhrberg, Maker of Spark

Spark plugin – Get superpowers in Squarespace with 100+ presets

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