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I like the look and feel of your website, you did a good job @Tiana👍

Here are some improvements to make it stand out more:

  1. Do you want to reflect a soft or more hard/organized design? At the moment your fonts are a combination of both. Either change the headings to a more strict type of font or change the paragraphs to a softer one.
  2. Try to reduce the amount of different colors and decide what tone you should go for. For example - iIf you like the brownish tone - use black, brown, beige, white and a dark blue. It will make your website cohere better.

- Rasmus Myhrberg, Maker of Spark

Spark plugin – Get superpowers in Squarespace

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ironically to the service she provides, I feel like the overall feeling of the site is cluttered. The pictures kind of turn me in that direction and the logo as well. the title fonts and drop shadow on the fonts make it hard to read and the flow isn't quite there for me. I hope this helps.

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