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How do I stop color overlay on card images?



When I upload .pngs, the background color is changed, rather than clear to blend in seamlessly with the section background color.

First, why aren't .pngs totally clear?


Second, how do I get card images to appear with correct colors?

My colors appear different when uploaded.


In the screenshot, you can see the color difference:

  • Left: original design colors
  • Right: SquareSpace image colors


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Could you share the site url so  we can check

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@Howdy2021, you can adjust these in Settings > Site Styles > Colors. Choose the color theme for that particular section and change Image Overlay color by Image Block type.

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Howdy Christy! 

I did find the card overlay color, which appears to be set as white. However, I'd want the color to be 100% transparent for pngs to seamlessly blend in with the background color.

I took a video screenshot: http://somup.com/crfOIUF0Ar

Right now, I notice that inline images appear as transparent PNGs but card images have the overlay.  

Later on when I changed the opacity of the color white to 0%, it still had a visible color overlay.

Is there a step I'm missing?

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 Howdy @Howdy2021.

In the color overlay settings switch from "Custom" to Palette. Then you will notice a circle all the way on the right side and you want to drag it all the way left.

That's how you can control the opacity %.

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 8.13.47 AM.png

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