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Your shop page is actually really clear and nicely laid out, however, my opinion is the layout of your home page is a little disconnected. I don't really get  what you are about when I'm scrolling down the steps. I see buzz words like sustainable and organic but there is no journey and no demonstration of the value you are going to add to my life by buying your products. 

I'd personally start by rearranging to have the steps first, id add images and show the visitors what you will do for them through your steps. How you will make their skin glow, how you will make them feel better about themselves and a small amount of narrative to enhance their perception. 

Id then add the sections about sustainability and organic below that so when they've taken in your vision, they can be assured by your natural and sustainable credentials. 

 I'm in the same boat. Working to improve a home page to highlight the value of my site to my visitors. It's all a massive learning curve but I hope this assessment helps. 

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look up "above the fold" as a design concept in websites then evaluate yours. it doesn't offer much but a "sign in" link that is tiny, not in contrasting color which makes it hard to read, and then makes me feel left out because I have no idea who gets to sign in and why but I do know it doesn't include me.

Also, more images, please.

I used to design websites, now I do only product photography. http://labelvisuals.com. Feel free to take a look.

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Natural skin tone colour palette is nice.

Here are my thoughts;

  1. There's a huge gap between 'sign in' and the first picture.
  2. The 'sign in' button is in an awkward location, middle? Usually sign in buttons are in the top right. This aligns with majority of the websites we see today.
  3. 'Sign in' button is really small. I recon make it 2-3 points larger but still keep your small/minimalistic look
  4. The steps and descriptors is not clear to me and why I should buy your product.
    1. For example: You have "step 1: detox".. sweet, I know step 1 but what us detox, what is your product that detoxes? Why should I click "shop now?" to find out what is detox and your detoxing product. This goes for the rest of the steps
    2. To solve this problem, in my opinion:
      1. Get rid of the hero image, start off with "step 1" on the left as normal then have your detox product picture on the right. Under step one, have a few words (max 10 words or less) on what is detox or why detox
      2. Have 'sustainable' in a skinny section, do not make it as big as the steps. This information is supplementary
      3. Step 2, same as point 1 above but have the step 2 on the right and image on the left this time
      4. Natural + organic same as point 2 above
      5. Step 3, same as point 1 above

Overall the landing page is clean, easy to understand, colour scheme is really nice. product page is easy to read. Nice job!

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