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Feedback on Multimedia Art Website Appreciated! Thank You!

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Site URL: https://www.BrumeuxArt.com

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for feedback on my Multimedia Art website. Specifically, on the Landing page, which happens to be the Portfolio. I would like to see more click overs to my online stores and to intrigue visitors to venture past that one page. Thanks for taking the time to consider my request. I appreciate any and all feedback. 

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Misty Fabacher | Brumeux Art


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Hey @BrumeuxArt

I like the art you have there, feels unique and "mystic". I also like how you choose the black background color, which fits well with your art.

In terms of improving the landing page, if you "cleaning it up" a bit I think more potential customers will click over to the online store. These are some improvements:

  1. Change the blue lines to black (as background).
  2. The text "Hello and welcome..." is too wide which makes it hard to read. I would bake it much more narrow. Also you could add more spacing around it to make it more intriguing to read.
  3. Increase font sizes, especially the smallest texts.

Good luck!😃

- Rasmus Myhrberg, Maker of Spark Plugin

Spark Plugin – Add 100+ designs to your site, without code

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  • 2 weeks later...

wayyyyyy too many words to kick off the first impression.

walk me through the experience of your art instead of slamming me with words, please. try to thingk of your design as art you can experience through scroll.  

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