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Design tips for static weeks timetable

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I'm currently finishing off a new design for a gym. They have a weekly programme of classes that don't change from week-to-week. So the calendar isn't a great way to show clients what is happening during the week. 

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to present a single Monday to Sunday timetable without it being a single image?


Class Timetable.001.jpeg

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Seems like a job for the old school table tag. You'd create the table(s) by hand with HTML and put the HTML in a code block.

Going this route you should be able to get a look very similar to the picture shown.

If you need help with the HTML let us know. Does the image represent what you'd like to put into the table?

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Hi Creedon. 

Thanks for the suggestion. The table isn't going to change much and when it does I can do this for them. 

Yes, any help on the HTML for the table would be great. Been so long since I did coding myself I'm way to rusty LOL. 




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38 minutes ago, NOCTURN said:

Yes, any help on the HTML for the table would be great. Been so long since I did coding myself I'm way to rusty LOL. 

There are a number of table generators online that you may find helpful. For example: https://www.tablesgenerator.com/html_tables

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