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Reducing white space for code block



Site URL: https://turbot-accordion-apa7.squarespace.com/assortiment/p/tartine-mwjye

I've added a table as code block in the additional information section on a product page. It works, and is right-aligned as I wanted it, but there's an absolutely massive amount of whitespace between the description and the extra information. Is it possible to adjust this whitespace? I assume it's padding from the product picture miniatures.



One possible solution I found was having the table in the description: adding the html code after the normal description by adding it after the description in the CSV and then importing it into Squarespace. This works but is obviously a massive hassle, and I'd prefer not doing that.



site password is 12345

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On 4/21/2021 at 11:08 AM, tuanphan said:

Hi. Add to Design > Custom CSS

/* space between product description - table */
section.ProductItem-additional {
    margin-top: 0 !important;


Thanks! That brought it way closer. Still wasn't quite close enough, so I messed around a bit and figured out that this worked for me:


     margin-bottom: -20vw;


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