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Advanced Shipping Details Getting Stripped Out

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Site URL: http://www.meganlovestodraw.com/foodie-friday-shop

So, I have a lot of items in my various shops and I'm using the new commerce editor.

In the "advanced shipping" pop-up, I add all of the package dimensions for each variant, and save. When I re-open the item a second time, all of that data is gone. I add it again, save. Open it again, gone. I am not editing anything else about the listing when I'm experiencing this.

Is this merely a glitch with the new interface? Is this a "ghost" situation where it APPEARS gone on my end, but it's actually fine?

I don't want folks to abandon their carts because they can't choose a shipping option.

Thanks for any help you might have,


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I'm not seeing this issue; it is saving fine for me. 

If you're still experiencing issues then I recommend you contact Squarespace Customer Care as there isn't anything the community can do to assist you with this. You can reach out to Customer Care here.

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