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How Did Squarespace get my new credit card information?

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I recently got a new credit card. I did not update the card with Squarespace and yet the new card is already saved to my account. Can anyone tell me how they have this information already?

Thank you.

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You can reach out to Squarespace Customer Care using this link.

Hi, I'm Paul, founder of SF Digitalbuilding the features that Squarespace didn't include. Pick dates in any format, show prices in other currencies, take orders without payment or improve your cartI value honesty, integrity, transparency and respect. Links in my posts may refer to SF Digital products or may be affiliate links.  Squarespace. I've been a loyal supporter of the platform since 2007. 

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I had this happen recently with GoDaddy. I was absolutely outraged by it. Apparently the big card companies are now offering to provide new card details without requiring approval from the customer. GD were very apologetic and refunded me, but it was very obvious that this was now company policy to request new card details from (in this case) MasterCard without customer approval. 

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