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Email Receipts for Events with QR code


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Site URL: https://thedrive-incinema.squarespace.com/

Hey all,

Maybe a question for a future release or something that's being worked towards but I wanted to enquire about Email receipts.  I see in the Commerce > Customer Notification > General orders there is a list:

> Order Confirmed
> Order Fulfilled
> Order Refunded
> Digital Downloads

I wonder if there's any intention to build a email template tailored towards events (like there is for digital downloads)? I have a client who wants to use QR codes sent with the email order confirmation as a way to verify the purchase at the event entry. Does anyone know a way to make this happen outside the existing framework of Squarespace? Or, alternatively is there any plan to include this kind of functionality within Squarespace?

Look forward to hearing if anyone can help out here!

All the best,

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