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Importing blog posts from Wordpress -- issues with order of posts and formatting

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I'm still in the trial period and trying to decide whether to go ahead with SquareSpace. I have a Wordpress blog with several hundred blog posts. I've read the instructions and have exported to XML from my current site, and imported into SquareSpace. I've 2 or 3 immediate problems:

  • The posts are in the wrong date order. The later ones are broadly in the right order but the older ones are all over the place. Question: what might be causing this? Is it connected to categories and tags? 
  • A lot of the formatting seems broken. I seem to be losing carriage returns, plus in  I'm missing a space after a full stop (period).  Question: is there any universal find and replace functionality in SquareSpace? (Not that this will fix my carriage returns.) I can't stomach the thought of editing 900+ posts. Is there a reason that this is happening, and happening rather arbitrarily? I'm happy to go back and change settings in Wordpress then re-export/import but I need to know what settings (if any) I need to change.
  • I've moved the posts up to the main menu but I now have this enormous list of posts below which I can't easily navigate. I have to click down the list but I can't seem to get more than halfway before the list starts repeating itself. Is there a better  interface I can use to see my posts and maybe some batch actions?

There are a few other things that are confusing me like the the lack of a proper Preview feature. I'm getting various views of the content depending on which screen I'm in but I've no idea if this is what users will see. Perhaps the features are richer with a paid account? 

Thank you for any insights that might help me stick to SquareSpace! I like plenty of things about it but I can't consider migrating if I have to manually tweak all 900+ posts individually, especially as I may then later want to change something else like add a tag. I need an efficient way of doing this en masse.

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So no one has tried Importing from WordPress? Or has done so without any formatting issues? I’ve not had any response from Squarespace Support either so maybe they know this is buggy. I’ll try it again but if the problem persists I’ll unfortunately have to seek another solution. I can’t manually edit 900+ posts individually. Thanks.

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Sorry to Sam of Squarespace Support. In fact s/he had replied to my email 2 days ago but it ended up in my Spam so I'd missed it! Only spotted today. They've given me a couple of things to try though TBH, despite the many good points of Squarespace I think it might not be best suited to what I'm trying to do. Not a criticism of SS -- just a matter of finding the best tool for the job. But I'll give it another go.

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I'm afraid I don't have any useful solutions for you.

I'm interested to know how you get on though.

Is it the case that you have been able to import all your posts it is just that they are messed up?


There are a few other things that are confusing me like the the lack of a proper Preview feature.

Please see Full preview of blog posts and Using private browsing or incognito mode.

Find my contributions useful? Please like, upvote, mark my answer as the best ( solution ), and see my profile. Thanks for your support! I am a Squarespace ( and other technological things ) consultant open for new projects.

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