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Looking for honest feedback on a product photography site

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  • Susana_SQSP changed the title to Looking for honest feedback on a product photography site

Overall the site looks great, to me anyway. A few comments:

1. Consider placing your contact details more prominently. After all, you want people to call you, and Google to know your phone number! 

2. I like your strapline - "PLAYFUL PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY WITH A PURPOSE." However I have to scroll to see it (on desktop), and the first image isn't completely clear that you are a product photography business. Consider the order of your images and placement of the strapline so that it's clear what you do within 3-5 seconds, and no effort from the user.

3. The scrolling home page is a bit exhausting to work through with lots of different content, and lots of images at various sizes (which feels messy). Consider providing links higher up the page so that people can dig in to the areas they want to find out about, with separate pages for process, locations, services etc.

4. It looks like you're missing a photo for Ryan in your team https://labelvisuals.com/team (or you are identical twins!?)

5. The idea of having a blog on the site is a good one, however I'm not convinced your first article is 'on strategy'. If you want clients to come to you to have their photography done, you don't want them to be buying their own kit to do it themselves. Think carefully about the advice you give to clients, or where clients go wrong with their briefs to you, and make those topics the core of your blog.

6. On your 'work' pages, don't just show the photography. Also tell the story of the problem you were solving for the brand, how you approached the challenge and how the photography meets the brief. Don't assume the photography works on its own. 

Hope that's useful 🙂



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I very much like the look of your site. The only obvious caveat I see is content hierarchy. It took me a while to understand you're selling photography service. I thought you were an e-commerce store.

So, to fix this I'd suggest having your headline using the nail polish spot. Same block size with air around the headline! Then reorder/resize pix accordingly.  

My 2 cents like we say.

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As a photographer, I like it very much. It isn't static, your use of animation makes it attractive. Some of the text blocks may be a bit large, makes me feel a bit like I am being yelled at. Reducing the size will make them a bit friendlier, and will reduce the amount of scroll needed to view the site as well. You could consider using a simple back to top button as well. 

The site is quite good in my opinion. 


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  • 3 weeks later...

Nice website @monocle.jasmin! I don't have any specific improvement to be honest so I will just tell you what I like 😉 

  1. Full-width looks great on your website.
  2. Nice mix between text and images in the beginning of the website.
  3. I like how everything animates and fades in.
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