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Social Links Missing? Hayden Template

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Site URL: https://www.caseyjscalf.com/

Just getting my website back up and running and am reaching out about missing social links in the footer.

I have done these on other sites before though for some reason here it is not working.

Each link was added though I see no other way to instantiate this. I do not see anything in my blocks, design -> site styles, or elsewhere.

I tried loading the site with many different browsers and many different computers though it is the same.

I am on a basic monthly plan with Hayden as the template.

What an I missing and how can I get this to work?

Or, what else can I document to help you?

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 1.23.15 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 1.26.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 1.22.03 PM.png

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First add Social Links block to your footer. Don't search just scroll down until you see it.


Because of the dark background for your footer we may need to alter the color of those icons. We won't be able to help you there until the social icons are in place.

Let us know how it goes.

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