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Nested Folders? Folder within a Folder? How is this not an option in 2021??

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So every other company similar to Squarespace.... including Wix, allow users to have sub folders under the main folder. This is critical for many people. Just an example

-Folder (Locations)

                -Sub Folder (Alabama)

                                      -Cites pages






Is there a simple way to do this for dropdowns, because I don't see anyway to do it and I may have to convert my page to another provider. 




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You're right. You cannot add a navigation folder within a folder on Squarespace. 

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I'm astonished squarespace can't get this figured out. I'll be cancelling my page and account and moving to Wix or a better service which provides more. Sucks but.... squarespace is now last compared to their competition. 

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I am echoing my frustrations as well. This is such a basic web building feature.

We are switching to WordPress for our 15 sites later this year and the lack of basic web editing features is a major reason why. Sub-folder menu navigation is a BASIC feature.

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With most website hosting companies going to super scrolling (one page like) mobile driven tempate designs, the menu in a menu function is going to go by the wayside. Squarespace simply is ahead of the soon to happen  trend.  One major website company puts it this way to their clients:

Unfortunately, mega menus don't work this way. They display too many irrelevant items at once, which creates a lot of visual distractions.

I can't say I totally agree due to the fact i have a number ofnav folders with drop down list of links on my own site, but like others here I will have to deal with the above concept at some point, as more and more of the traffic to my site is coming from phones as opposed to desktop and folks want to scroll and click a block or image, not a line of text. 

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