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Looking for a calendar oto display for Friday only delivery options at checkout

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Site URL: https://cone-turbot-45as.squarespace.com

Hi - deliveries from this site will only be made on Fridays, I'm looking to implement a calendar to make it clear you only have Fridays as a choice for delivery. An example is at https://www.peterinthepan.co.uk/cart (shopify site). There you have a calendar drop down with available Fridays displayed.

I've been shown towards the workaround in creating a custom checkout form - but does anyone know if there are 3rd party plugins etc that might offer this instead?  I'm not even sure what to look for as a title for that!



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Hi Chloe

On Squarespace, it isn't possible to do this on a checkout page. It's locked down and cannot be changed. We do have a datepicker that you can configure to only allow Fridays, but because of the lockdowns it would need to be added to a Custom Product Form, not a Custom Checkout Form. This is a popular solution for florists because customers typically purchase one bouquet per delivery, but if you plan to add more products to your website, it may not be suitable. You'll find full details of the datepicker extension here, but DM me if you'd like to discuss. 


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