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Setting a Minimum Order Value on only ONE of two stores?


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Site URL: http://www.myveganhamper.co.uk


I sell themed hampers of vegan food items, which exist on the store as individual products.

I want to construct a second store ('Create Your Own') within the site where users can create their own hampers, mixing and matching individual food items from our entire range which we will then package and ship as kind of 'personal hampers'. 

I want to set a minimum order value that only applies to the 'Create Your Own' store, as currently people could simply recreate the hampers from the existing store and get them cheaper.

As it stands however, if I apply a minimum order value it is site-wide, which eliminates the possibility of buying some of the lower value hampers in the original store. 

Any advice, things i'm missing, possible workarounds?

Thank you for all contributions in advance 

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1 hour ago, braddibs said:

I want to set a minimum order value that only applies to the 'Create Your Own' store. If I apply a minimum order value it is site-wide. 

The minimum order value feature applies to the whole site, as you mentioned. It cannot be applied to parts of a site.

It's possible to write code that can emulate the built-in minimum order value feature. A number of guides and videos were produced in the past that explained how to do this. However, a custom code solution will only help upto and including the cart page. When customers reach the checkout page, they will be able to remove items and checkout with a lower than minimum order. 

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