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Would love feedback on new site for psychologist

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Site URL: https://www.dwbehavioralhealth.com

Hello all,

This is the first site I've designed on Squarespace (I've done a couple on WordPress previously, but really still new at this!).

This was for a friend of mine who recently started a private psychotherapy practice focused on working with young women and teen girls (ages roughly 10 - mid-30s).  The main audiences for the site are parents of teen girls seeking help for their daughters and young women seeking therapy for themselves (she also wanted to be accessible to teens themselves, who may be checking her out before their first appointment). Secondary audience would be other professionals (i.e., other psychologists, school counselors, attorneys) who would want her to perform psychological testing, assessments and evaluations as a consultant.

With that in mind, I'd love your feedback on really anything - the content, design, colors, usability, etc.


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Hi Shanhou, what a thoughtful practice your friend is running and how nice of you to make her website! I took a look and thought the website felt incredibly polished. I did have a few suggestions for improvement:

  • Logo on upper left: It looks almost like the “DW” and “Behavioral Health” are on different lines or maybe different font sizes

  • Landing page’s first banner: I personally think it might look nicer if the word “women” was on the second line with “and girls”

  • The landing page is quite long. I wonder if there’s a way to have “jump to” anchors?

  • Consider changing the tab current entitled “Current Patients” to “Patient Portal”? I initially thought “Current Patients” was going to reveal clients, the way commercial sites like to share their existing clientele, which would of course be HIPPA non-compliant and anxiety provoking

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Junipurr, Thank you for the suggestions and feedback! I was also feeling like the homepage was on the long side, so I’ll play around with some anchors near the beginning and see how that feels. 

Could you tell me what browser you used to view the site and whether it was desktop, mobile, or tablet? The logo doesn’t appear that way for me, so I want to see what you’re seeing! (The mobile logo is a different version in which the “Behavioral Health” is underneath the “DW,” but that’s intentional and not what it sounds like you are describing. On desktop the logo text should all appear on the same line.) 

Whether “women” appears on the same line as “girls” in the first banner seems to depend on what size window you’re viewing it with- I agree it looks better on the same line and will see if I can force that without messing with the line spacing!

Also like your suggestion about the Current Patients tab, we definitely do not want anyone to think we’re highlighting actual patients! 😂


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I think I know what Junipurr means by the logo. Because it's an all caps font, the "uppercase" letters appear bigger than the "lowercase" letters even though they are all uppercase if that makes sense. So "DW Behavioral Health" actually looks like DW BEHAVIORAL HEALTH. The letters are different heights, but that looks fine to me.

Also, instead of just Enter,  you can use Shift+Enter to create a line break. This should mean your line spacing should look the way you want. I think it would be nice if that text was centered too.

The website looks clean and professional, and the illustrations for services add a nice touch of warmth. I just have a couple thoughts myself which are all just my own personal opinions!

  • There is a lot of animation. Everything from images to text fades in which can be quite a lot of visual stimulation. I'd personally prefer only images to fade in, and text/buttons/logos to have no animation
  • I love the color scheme, it's feminine, but not overly saccharine. But I think it could benefit without the bright teal color which reads a little young to me. Especially when the teal buttons are on top of the purple. I would also prefer black/dark grey paragraph texts rather than dark teal. Just to tone things down a bit and not make it overly colorful. 
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Chubacca, thanks for the thoughtful suggestions! The button colors have been bothering me, too.  😂 We like the dark teal in general (I actually started with that because it was the color she had chosen for an early iteration of the logo on her first business card, and the only real starting point I had for a color scheme), but I also haven’t been a fan of how the teal buttons look against any of the colored backgrounds. I’m going to keep tinkering with those or maybe try the no-fill buttons since those seem to be trending now anyway! 

Also going to test out using some black or dark gray paragraph text and see how that looks.


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yes I visited your site and its very nicely managed site according to the topic and field I will give you feedback about it and I also recently published my new insurance website and need some feedbacks you can see here.

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This website is looking very similar to my new website that I recently published but I realized after watching your site that you have some more experience in this field

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This site was really well done. Great job. I I didn't read much of the content, however, looking at design and UX, I would add buttons under each service 🙂 

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When arriving on the site I am greeted by so.many.words.

Maybe break it up--I don't want to read all that at my first impression--woo me a little and make me want to know more then I'll do the work.

Make the buttons contracting colors. The teal green color is pretty much all that stands out and it's all over. choose a color to pop, the soft pink hardly counts, I'd go more with an orange or soothing yellow/gold.

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