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Minimum order quantities with size selection

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We are trying to put together an online store that would have wholesale items available, tax free for retail in locations across the US. One of the challenges is that we often have T-Shirts that have both the need for minimum order quantities (12) and the ability to select the sizes of those 12 shirts. 

Any ideas on how to handles this?

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2 minutes ago, creedon said:

In other words within that order of twelve you need to be able to select a mixture of sizes? Like 3 mediums, 2 extra large, 5 small, 2 large.

Is color a factor in this case? That would add an extra variable.

Just trying to get a good handle on the parameters involved.

It would be all the same color shirt so just the sizes selected have to meet a total of 12. 


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It would be possible with a form added to the product page, some CSS and Javascript  to capture the needed info. This would need to have some Javascript for the form on the product page and also a similar piece of code for the cart.

A caveat is that custom code can not be added to the checkout page so on that page it would be possible for the customer to make a quantity change there and get things out of sync. This kind of error would need to dealt with manually.

The code for dealing with the forms is not simple.

Here is a mock up of what the customer might see. These mockups were produced with some actual code.

Here we see the form before the user interacts that has been modified with CSS and Javascript. The first field (Total) is a required number field. The required * (asterisk) has been hidden as well as the input field. The hidden field is used for error checking with some code. A progress text has been added. The rest of the fields are number fields that do not require input.


Here we see entry in progress.


Here we see an error in the count.


Only when the sum of each shirt size matches the total number of shirts will the Add To Cart button add the order to the cart.

Would something like this meet your needs?

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