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Redirect root domain to www subdomain

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Site URL: https://www.maineinternet.community

My site is hosted elsewhere and the platform requires I add the www subdomain, which is fine with me. However, I want the root domain to automatically redirect to the www subdomain. All the settings I have tried do not work. The help instructions assume I am redirecting a subdomain and not the root.

How to I get things set so using maineinternet.community results in landing at www.maineinternet.community instead of producing an error the way it does now?

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Many of the domain registrars provide a way to have anything that doesn't have it's own subdomain point to a particular subdomain. A catch all if you will.

In other words if someone typed in xyz.myexample.domain and that subdomain didn't exist then the registrar would redirect to www.myexample.domain.

Contact your domain registrars customer support for help or search their documentation.

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Wouldn't that be Squarespace, then? I obtained the domain through them. I know they use tucows.net but I have no relationship with tucows and should not need one I don't think.

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Well, I seem to have stumbled upon a solution. According to http://wwwizer.com/naked-domain-redirect

I can set my root domain's DNS A record to point to and their server will automagically redirect my root domain URL to my www subdomain. Since Squarespace has my www subdomain listed as my primary domain there are no other changes needed. (As long as wwwizer.com still operates.)

Most places indicate this redirect is a common one. Don't know why there was no ready answer to this from within Squarespace docs or forum. Don't know why Squarespace customer service never got back to me.

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